Housekeeping at The Waters Hotel


Q&A With The Waters Housekeeping Team

Housekeeping is a vital component of any hotel, especially in today’s world. Here at The Waters, we are lucky to have Addison and Trista, Executive Housekeeper and Assistant, to ensure guests leave feeling refreshed and eager to come back.

We asked them a few questions about work and life in Hot Springs…

How long have you worked at The Waters and what do you enjoy most about it?

We have both been here for 3 years.

Addison – I enjoy the location and scenery all around The Waters the most, the history this hotel holds, and all of the people I get to meet. 

Trista – I love everybody I get to work with and I love being in the heart of downtown.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

“Each day we make sure our housekeeping department has the tools they need to perform their job duties to The Waters standards. This includes laundry, housekeepers, and housemen. We inspect rooms after housekeepers get done cleaning them and make sure all public areas of the hotel stay just as clean.”

How has your position changed with the COVID-19 protocols?

“Since COVID, we have to wear masks all day, check temperatures when you clock in and when you clock out, also housekeeping is not provided daily anymore.

Guests have to request with Front Desk to schedule a time for their room to be cleaned and guests can not be in the room while a housekeeper is in the room cleaning it either.”

What do you hope to provide for The Waters guests?

“We hope to provide a memorable experience and a comfortable stay. We want our guests to feel valued and have the best care possible while they are here. We hope our hospitality outshines other hotel experiences.”

What is your favorite thing about The Waters?

“The history of The Waters and all of the original floors, doors, and much more they have kept in the renovations since 1913. Also, you can’t beat the location!”

If there is one thing you would suggest to a Hot Springs visitor, what would it be?

“Definitely check out historic downtown Hot Springs! We have bathhouses, walking trails, locally-owned shops, many lakes around, and crystal digging!”