Hot Springs in the News - The Waters Hotel

Hot Springs, Arkansas: All about water, and more

Ann Yungmeyer | Travel       Bristol Herald-Courier  Bristol, Virginia               May 27, 2018

Mention Hot Springs, and thoughts immediately go to our region’s favorites: Hot Springs, Virginia, with the historic Omni Homestead Resort in Bath County; and Hot Springs, North Carolina, a favorite stop on the Appalachian Trail. And then, there is Hot Springs, Arkansas, near Little Rock.

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REX NELSON: Where celebrities play

by ARKANSAS ONLINE – The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | April 8, 2018

The photos could be found all over social media last weekend. Kevin Costner–the actor, director and musician who has won Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy awards through the years–was in Hot Springs. A photo of Costner standing alongside the new owner of the Arlington Hotel popped up in my Facebook feed. Later, I saw a photo of Costner with the owner of the Gangster Museum of America.

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The Hot Springs Revival

by About You | January 31, 2018

Like the mythological phoenix obtaining new life by rising from its ashes, Hot Springs is reinventing itself in the aftermath of the 2014 fire that heavily damaged the historic Majestic Hotel.

“My view of the Majestic is that it’s a once-in-a-generation transformative project and opportunity,” says City Manager David Frasher, adding that city officials and the public will begin discussing what should be built at the now-vacant intersection of Park and Central Avenues in the next few months.

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Enjoy the Healing Waters of This Small National Park

by National Geographic

Most national parks cover hundreds of thousands of acres, are far from city streets, and keep natural resources away from commercial users … but not Hot Springs. This smallest of national parks borders a city that has made an industry out of tapping and dispensing the park’s major resource: mineral-rich waters of hot springs.

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Stranger things Rivalry, ‘buffalo’ heat up tub races

by Hot Springs Sentinel-Record | June 4, 2017

Hundreds of spectators soaked up the fun Saturday morning, cheering and hurling water balloons at teams ambitiously racing bath tubs down Central Avenue in front of Bathhouse Row.

The 12th Annual Stueart Pennington Running Of The Tubs featured a dozen teams pushing novelty-themed bathtubs through a barrage of audience-projected water balloons and water gun blasts down to the finish line in front of Buckstaff Bath House.

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