Allen & O'Hara Development - The Waters Hotel

The Waters and The Avenue are managed by the Ownership, TKZ, LLC and they utilize Allen & O’Hara Development as their professional consultant.  For more than 50 years, Allen & O’Hara (A&O) has been in the forefront of the hotel operations and management industry.  A&O has managed and consulted on a variety of properties developed and built by all of the leading hotel chains as well as independent boutique hotels.

Through the years, A&O has won numerous awards.  President Matthew Mills was recently honored by Marriott Corporation as the “Nation’s Best Hotel Manager.” A loyal member of the Allen & O’Hara team for nearly 30 years, Mills has been a Guest Lecturer for the University of Memphis in the Kemmons Wilson School of Hospitality Management.  www.allenoharadev.com